42nd Street, Manhattan, New York, USA
Vision 42 Design


Taken from wikipedia:Manhattan has been described as the economic and cultural centre of United States and hosts the head-office of ONU

The long street:

Half a million pedestrians walk down the 42nd.Races,nationalities,goods,smells,scents...go from an area to the other for shoppings,services,hobbies,business...A huge system of interconnected ducts whose flows and vortexes are irregular but systemic. Poles and knots run its attractive qualities.

The districts:

These are unique, linked in an organic way. The number of the districts like the number of the rooms in a house, this is the 42nd . But this is a street which is part of an organism(Manhattan),like an architecture that is unique in the world,the same as Versailles

The idea:

The 42nd is like a unique part of Versailles”villa:”Grand appartement du roi”. The idea is in the reinterpretation of this greatness: Every district, like a room dedicated to a divinity,(visible sign of a cultural and religious continuum between all people come from Europe,motherland of the founding fathers), communicates with the adjoining rooms.The whole shapes Versailles,Manhattan.The singularity is the “Grand appartement du roi” ,the 42nd.

The project:

The whole street is analysed and divided in “rooms”. We want to give a direction of transit inside the “Grand appartement du roi” : the entrance in the west side, the magnificence in the east side(ONU). Every room has its own feature and utility inside the system of the 42nd. The values are not the same, and have a kind of paving which changes according to the characteristics of use, pedestrian traffic density, knots, poles, and architectural image. The feature that links together the rooms is the “corridor”, which Vision42 assigns to the light tram with low floor. The tram stations are made of prefabricated elements that generates a different sculpture in every room,due to the different composition of elements and colors.

Presentation of the project:

To make the reading easier we produced three levels of presentation:strip cartoon,that narrates the idea; technical design and picture to visualize the whole.



Architetto: Nicola Marcucci
Collaboratore: dott. Arch. Giovanni Impagliazzo